Thursday, November 12, 2009

Reserving a private room at San Antonio Winery!

Hello all...

Here is my predicament. We are at 28(update 38 as of 11/17)  to attend, 2 maybe's and a few stragglers that I do not know but have heard thru friends that they may come. SO, I had reserved in the main dining room a space for 30 of us but as the number is increasing I wonder if we should spend the extra $$ and rent a room. So far I have given a $30 deposit for the space we have now but I am hoping we can come up with an additional $270 to pay for a private room.

If you could make a small donation, let me know. If you cannot DO NOT WORRY! I did not charge from the get go because I did not want $$ to be a reason why people may not attend. So, if you are able to give a donation please email me the amount and send a check payable to me Ana Gomez at 1300 La Vita Place La Habra 90631. If we come up with enough I will cash if we don't I will try to talk the winery down on the deposit amount and then cash...we shall see. If not I will return the checks to you the day of the memorial.

Each person will still purchase their own meal just to avoid having to collect or keep track of food and drinks.

Thanks again for your offer to help for this  memorial in honor of our lost friend!


  1. I played football with Victor at Salesian and remember him to be kind young man. I was Junior when he was Senior. I used to ask him for a ride home thinking that he we would refuse but he never did. Even though we were not close it’s brotherhood we had as a student attending Salesian. I was saddened by his loss and the loss of the young lady that didn't make it. I'm happy to hear that you've kept his memory alive. I’m also saddened to hear that Mrs. Lopez is no longer with us. She was a wonderful lady. I’m happy to hear your celebrating their lives they deserve it.

    Gabriel Zepeda Class of '85

  2. Thank you Gabriel! Thank you for your kind words, and yes that was Victor - just a kind soul! Please join us on the 29th. We welcome anyone that knew him...many of us do not know each other but are coming together for a greater reason..Victor's friendship! I hope you see this! ana