Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Let's all meet up & have another gathering in honor of Victor! He is the bond between us all, so why not get together share memories, thoughts & the love we had for our wonderful friend.

Last year in remembrance of 25 years of his passing we got together and it was an awesome afternoon. I personally enjoyed that I was able to hear how others have missed him, just as I have, all these years!

SO RSVP...so if needed I will reserve a... room for our get together! If we have more than 25 people RSVP'd then we will need a private room...better for us to socialize. If so, I will collect to cover the room at the door.

PLEASE SHARE THIS INVITATION WITH ANYONE THAT LONGS FOR VICTORS PRESENCE!! I assure them they will feel his presence among all the friends and family that will be in attendance! Last year we had about 30 people!

I know I carry a part of Victor with me in my everyday life...he was a dear friend that I called my lil' brother...the irony cuz I am only 5'2"!!! We use to love to claim that...well, hope to see many of you!! Please email me pics or thoughts to post thru here or Facebook at "25 year Memorial in Honor of our friend Victor Gomez"
God bless...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Reserving a private room at San Antonio Winery!

Hello all...

Here is my predicament. We are at 28(update 38 as of 11/17)  to attend, 2 maybe's and a few stragglers that I do not know but have heard thru friends that they may come. SO, I had reserved in the main dining room a space for 30 of us but as the number is increasing I wonder if we should spend the extra $$ and rent a room. So far I have given a $30 deposit for the space we have now but I am hoping we can come up with an additional $270 to pay for a private room.

If you could make a small donation, let me know. If you cannot DO NOT WORRY! I did not charge from the get go because I did not want $$ to be a reason why people may not attend. So, if you are able to give a donation please email me the amount and send a check payable to me Ana Gomez at 1300 La Vita Place La Habra 90631. If we come up with enough I will cash if we don't I will try to talk the winery down on the deposit amount and then cash...we shall see. If not I will return the checks to you the day of the memorial.

Each person will still purchase their own meal just to avoid having to collect or keep track of food and drinks.

Thanks again for your offer to help for this  memorial in honor of our lost friend!

Monday, November 9, 2009

RSVPs for Sunday November 29th...

I have only a few RSVPs and have called the winery and confirmed a reservation for 30 of Victor's friends. My list consists of the following people. PLEASE if you are not on here and plan to attend PLEASE email me that you will be there! A room would cost us $300 for that afternoon...I have reserved in the main dining room with a minimum expense. So, please if I need to add I will gladly do so, just let me know. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing and meeting many others that Victor was so dear too!
John Tinajero
Raul Aguirre plus 5
Carol Tinajero Zavala
Mike (Vic & John's friend)
Yolanda Caterino
David Alvarez
Julio Matamoros
Chris Don & spouse
Christine (Don) Guerrero & spouse
Luis Gameros
Jesse Guerrero
Ronnie Rivota
Noe Villalobos
Yolanda Gonzalez
Helen Hernandez
Tom Chantlin
Gabriel Hernandez
Rita Rodriguez
Jerry Avalos plus 1
Lenore Medina
George Castillo
Carlos and Teri Sanchez
Connie Meza
Ray & Pat Santos

Carlos Diaz
Juan Garcia

Just heard....

I just received an email from Victor's sister, Yolanda. I am so happy to say that she will be attending her brother's memorial at the end of the month. God works in mysterious ways and I am so glad she caught wind of our event in honor of her brother.
Yolanda, we all have such fond memories of Victor and cannot wait to come together and relive our fond memories!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Attendance for Sunday November 29th!

I have heard back from about 20-25 people that they will be attending the memorial in honor of Victor. I am so glad to see that I am not the only person that remembers Victor so fondly! He truly touched my life and has ever since. Just coming on this blog and seeing that people care and have left comments makes me choke up. I for so many years have often thought of Victor...the brother that I had shared so many memories and good times with. I look forward to our afternoon together and hope that it will bring comfort to our loss.

Thanks...RIP Victor!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Planning Memorial...

I have been asked if I need help with this memorial. Honestly, I orignally was going for simple. Just somewhere we all could come together to laugh & cry about Victor. But, why not think big...that is how the giving back to Salesian in his honor came to be!

With this we may have a quick get together to plan the day. The planning will take place first Sunday in November. If you'd like to help out great, if you just prefer to attend GREAT! The memorial is the most important part...just to be with each other.

Email me if you'd like to help out...a-n-agomez@hotmail.com

Looking forward to seeing many familiar faces...


Have pics of Victor email them to me...a-n-agomez@hotmail.com

I will put something together for the day of the memorial.


Well, as I have been working on this memorial and reminiscing on Victor I thought why don't we donate back to Salesian in honor of Victor. With this we will all have to come together and make this truly in honor of HIM!

Please if you can donate something: Movie Tickets, Gift Certificates, Restaurant Certificates, Golf Certificates or any type of Raffle Items! We will gladly accept them before or the day of the Memorial. If monetary is your preference then please feel free to drop it by the day of the Memorial or mail it to me at Ana (Arreola) Gomez 1300 La Vita Place La Habra 90631 checks payable to Salesian High School.

I thank you in advance for reviving Victor's memory within all of us and keeping him alive at Salesian through the monetary donation we will make upon raffling off your donations.

Thank you.

Please leave posts of Victor...