Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Let's all meet up & have another gathering in honor of Victor! He is the bond between us all, so why not get together share memories, thoughts & the love we had for our wonderful friend.

Last year in remembrance of 25 years of his passing we got together and it was an awesome afternoon. I personally enjoyed that I was able to hear how others have missed him, just as I have, all these years!

SO RSVP...so if needed I will reserve a... room for our get together! If we have more than 25 people RSVP'd then we will need a private room...better for us to socialize. If so, I will collect to cover the room at the door.

PLEASE SHARE THIS INVITATION WITH ANYONE THAT LONGS FOR VICTORS PRESENCE!! I assure them they will feel his presence among all the friends and family that will be in attendance! Last year we had about 30 people!

I know I carry a part of Victor with me in my everyday life...he was a dear friend that I called my lil' brother...the irony cuz I am only 5'2"!!! We use to love to claim that...well, hope to see many of you!! Please email me pics or thoughts to post thru here or Facebook at "25 year Memorial in Honor of our friend Victor Gomez"
God bless...

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